where is it all happenning?

at Doma na České Sibiři, Hojšín 3, Neustupov, Czech republic


The farm is located in Česká Sibiř, approx. 45mins drive from Prague (navigate) 

Arriving by car?

The farm is located in a secluded area and the easiest way is by car. There are plenty of parking places at the venue. 

Prefer bus/train?

The nearest station is in Votice (bus/train). Let us know in advance if you would like us to arrange a shuttle to pick you up from the station. Sidenote: the driver can drop you back at the station later in the evening.


There are a few common areas with a limited number of places where you can rest your head. If you are there for an all-night party and you want to take advantage of the summer warmth – the area is vast and you’re welcome to camp out under the stars with a blanket and cushion or a tent; and if it rains and you’re tentless – there is space under the roof of the little terrace too.

Please let us know in advance if you’re planning to stay overnight and we will help you arrange what you need.

If you want to stay somewhere alone or you have young kiddies with you, you can also check out accommodation in nearby towns for example in Votice or Miličín 🙂

Penzion T-Sport in Votice

Penzion Beako in Votice

or rent a full house in Miličín (just 3 km away)

Doma na České Sibiři

Hojšín 3, 257 86, Neustupov

Wedding gifts

The greatest gift from you is spending this day with us. Aside from that, we currently have two important goals in life:
We have spent the last year putting all our energy into building our own little cottage from scratch, out in the countryside of Czechia.
We are also continuously saving what we can so that we can travel back to Evie’s beloved homeland of New Zealand, (which we haven’t been able to do together since we left in 2019). So if you would still like to give us something along with your presence, you can make a donation that will go towards building one home, and travelling to the other.